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What is eBurako?

eBurako will be a release for computer of the popular board game "Burako". This game was born from the "Rummy" tile game and the "Canasta" card game.

Our project is dedicated to bring the enjoyment of this game to a network based on the computer with a simplified user interface. Thus, you will be able to play against your family or friends around the world (also grandpa and grandma!). You can buy the original game at many stores around the world. We know people that knows how to play in these countries:

  • Argentina
  • Israel
  • United States

We have another objective with this game: join all the world players around the world, to make a big comunity and also make competences. Hope to see you joining us!

If you know how to play Burako and would like to be on the list or try our game please contact us by mail with Tuko and tell him your name, where you from (city and country) and age.


This site is (c) by Javier Turek for the eBurako project